Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo a la Instagram: The Party Guide

How do you know if your party was a hit? People chatting, laughing, and having an overall good time are good indicators. But lets be real, it's really all about the number of Instagram posts it gets! This past weekend I decided to put a few party tricks to the test at my Cinco de Mayo celebration. The set up was pretty great: friends, food, drinks and sun… what more could we ask for?

Something you should know about me is that I love to host parties and take them pretty seriously. I know, I know... some people may say I'm crazy, but I love the satisfaction of knowing that you put something on that brought friends together to have a good time. That's why whenever I do throw a party, I try to make them memorable in one way or another. Whether its Cinco de Mayo, your birthday, or just another excuse to celebrate life, these three tips will help take your parties to the next level:

It's all about the food and drinks

Call me predictable but people love taking pictures of their food – especially if it's tasty! I decided to whip up a big batch of tacos dorados de pollo (deep fried chicken tacos) with lots of topping options, including my salsa verde and guacamole. This is the perfect party dish because you can prep them in advance, they're easy to eat while socializing, and are just as good once they get cold. If you're like me and tend to like salsa on the spicy side, you better have good drink options to wash off the burn. I went with fresh watermelon margaritas and palomas. Both of these are super easy to make in large batches and are sure to leave your guests wanting more! To make sure everyone's food pictures had that extra touch, I used little patterned paper trays instead of paper or plastic ones. Remember to consider those extra little details!

BTW – Stay tuned later this week for recipes. ;)

Selfies are always better with props

As the lady who rang me up at Party City said, "It's always nice to be silly and pretend to be little kids again." She was totally right and could probably tell I went a little crazy down the Cinco de Mayo aisle: furry mustaches, party necklaces, plastic sombreros, and more! After a few drinks, everyone was all over them. My favorite party favor ended up being bubbles – talk about a good photo opp! Not only do props make selfies more acceptable (lol), but they're also great ice breakers and give people who don't know each other yet an easy way to start a conversation.

Don't forget the #hashtag

Instagram is our modern day scrapbook, collecting our memories for when we want to go back and take a look. Hashtags are a great way to aggregate content from all of your friends, making it easy to look up different chapters in your life. Pick a hashtag that is unique, relevant to your event or occasion  and easy to type on your phone. #NobodyLikesASuperLongHashTag. We used #DesignPlusTacos and here are some of my favorite shots from the night:

Overall, I think the party was a huge success! I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves.

Do you have other party tricks I should know about? Comment below or tweet me @mromja.

Don't forget to check back later this week to learn how to make tacos dorados and salsa verde!


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