Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taco Hunt: La Superior | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

After a six week hiatus, I am back at it! Though not intentional – and tacos were still eaten during that time – life got a little busy and I couldn't seem to find the time to blog. Between work, events, out of town guests, and a surprise trip home, well... you get the point. However, I'm back and with a lot of exciting ideas.

This post is a bit of a throwback and actually from around the time when things started to get busy. You know those weeks when by the time Friday rolls around all you want is your bed? Yup, it was one of those. Luckily, friends + tacos + parks = just the fix.

I am #blessed to have friends who know just how to pick me up – and love tacos just as much as I do. When I saw Sophie's "tacos + park?" text on Saturday morning, I knew it would be a good day! We hustled our way to Williamsburg and headed toward one of our go-to places when in the area: La Superior.

One of the reasons I love this place is that it has a no-nonsense authentic menu but still feels very New York – just the right balance between the hip Brooklyn vibe and trying too hard. My type of place! We began our meal with guac and chips and Mezcalinas (mezcal margaritas). I'm kind of a guacamole snob so I wish it had been a little spicier and had more lime juice (I'm sure they could have changed that if I had asked), but overall it was fresh and chunky, just the way it should be. The Mezcalina was also delicious and I may even prefer it to their traditional margarita now. Something about the smokey mezcal made it super refreshing!

As usual, I went with three tacos: cochinita pibil, camaron al chipotle, and their newest addition, the Don Luis. My favorite would definitely have to be the cochinita pibil: slow cooked pork in banana leaves topped with pickled-onion pico de gallo – a tasty contrast in flavors between the meat and the toppings. Next up was the camaron al chipotle: sautéed shrimp in chipotle sauce – the sauce was to die for! I would not recommend this one for people who don't like spicy food as it was quite spicy even for me. Lastly came the Don Luis: pulled citrus chicken topped with an avocado salsa, which ended up falling a bit short in comparison to the other two. Though still tasty, it felt a bit basic when compared to the bold flavors of the other two.

If you haven't tried this place already, what are you waiting for? Good food and drinks, reasonable prices, and a great vibe!

PS: This place is cash only, though they have an ATM right outside.


Another great thing about La Superior is that it is close to Crown Victoria, an awesome bar with a huge outdoor patio and taco-truck of its own (I sense another review coming soon) as well as a short walk from McCarren Park. This time we decided to head to McCarren for a relaxed afternoon and picked up some more friends along the way. Take a look at more pictures from our adventure below:

"Where's my drink?"
Looks like Pearl's guava margarita hit just the spot!
Don't hate me, Steph... This was too good not to post!
We weren't the only ones feeling the park that day.


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